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IPA partners with PHD UAE to tailor their Foundation Certificate for the Middle East

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising is rolling out its Foundation Certificate qualification globally and has partnered with PHD UAE (Omnicom Media Group) to customize the content for the Middle East.

The IPA Foundation Certificate is an award winning online learning program designed to provide junior industry people, regardless of discipline, with the knowledge to perform their day-to-day roles with confidence and expertise. The IPA Foundation Certificate was developed to address an increasing need to raise professional standards in the advertising industry and since its inception in 2003, over 6,000 people have passed the Foundation Certificate exam.

“The Foundation Certificate is a great introduction to the world of advertising and it gives individuals a thorough overview of how our industry works. It’s hard to see a reason not to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.” Learning and Development Manager.

The IPA qualifications are renowned for their quality content which is written and contributed by top agency practitioners. “The IPA has worked extensively with PHD in the UK, who actually founded the IPA Advanced Certificate, and partnering with PHD UAE for the regional roll out was a natural fit.”

6 months in development the IPA Foundation Certificate ME is now ready for candidates.

PHD Executives are the first in the region to start this newly developed qualification with plans to roll it out across all of the Omnicom Media Group. They have already begun the learning and are expected to sit their exams end of February / early March next year.

“Our mantra at PHD is finding a better way, not just for ourselves or our clients but the industry we operate in. This is exactly why we wanted to be involved in the development of this important qualification. Its so important for us to keep in mind how we can improve the industry for the next generation as they will be the leaders and the innovators of the future.” Says Elda Choucair, Managing Director of PHD UAE.

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