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Shared goal to drive micro-finance for MENA projects

OMD UAE (Omnicom Media Group) has announced it is partnering with Pi Slice, the web-based social platform channeling funding for Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs). The move is part of the media agency’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and its continuous contribution to developing the region’s economies and improving the lives of its people. As part of the partnership, OMD UAE and Pi Slice have launched a ‘lending page’ to promote micro-lending opportunities to its stakeholders and the wider community. Individuals can view a list of unique micro-financed projects and provide support to the initiative of their choice.

Through this collaboration, OMD UAE and Pi Slice bring a unique proposition to the UAE, linking individuals who wish to invest with Pi Slice’s MFI partners in the region, which, in turn, use the funds to provide micro-credit to their customers. Micro-lending allows individuals to not only build a sustainable future for micro-entrepreneurs, but also a supportive ecosystem for development at the macro level.

OMD is an expert at stimulating growth, something our clients, mostly large regional and international companies, have benefited from. We wanted to go further and help stimulate the development of smaller organizations. We’re delighted to have found such a strong common ground with Pi Slice,” explained Nadim Samara, managing director of OMD UAE & Lower Gulf. “We share the vision of a brighter future for entrepreneurship, to help alleviate poverty, stimulate development and improve the lives of many. Supporting ambition is hugely rewarding for both individuals and organizations, so we hope many around us will join us in this endeavor.”

Interested organizations and individuals can visit the projects seeking micro-financing on OMD’s page ( There, they will be able to follow the contributions offered, as well as the results achieved by micro-financed companies and the number of jobs created in MENA. OMD UAE and Pi Slice will share frequent updates on the achievements of their projects, while featuring the most salient success stories in details.

“Corporations and individuals have no access to projects that align with their social strategic goals,” said Pi Slice CEO Genny Ghanimeh. “This is exactly what Pi Slice resolves by providing transparency, accountability, access and choice. We believe that the private sector should be able to support the fight against unemployment in a transparent, efficient and respectful manner. Previously this was a dream, but now technology has made it a reality. We are very happy to announce our partnership with OMD UAE, a company with leadership that is innovative, progressive and committed to social change and making a difference.”

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