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Following his presentation at the Dubai Lynx 2016, PHD UAE’s general manager Luca Allam was featured by The Arabian Marketer in their story, The Rise of the ‘Creative Tech Architect’ in Marketing. Inspired by his talk, the story delves into the increasing role artificial intelligence (AI) plays in our lives and how it will transform the function of marketing. The article quotes Allam on his comments about the growing reliance on virtual personal assistants (VPAs) for decision making and how brands will need to leverage the technology as the gateway to their consumers in the near future.

“Decision making will be outsourced because the VPAs will shortlist and shop products on people’s behalf. Some of this is already happening. Marketers will have to make sure that every asset that they create and own is intelligent and is machine readable,” says Allam.

“AI will undoubtedly disrupt every industry, as we’ve already seen in ours with the rise of programmatic media, and future generations will perform jobs that haven’t even been created yet.”

As a result, Allam also described ‘the planner of tomorrow’, stating: “Machines will do the heavy-lifting. The thinking will still be done by professionals. We will see the rise of creative tech architects.”

Read the full article here.

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