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We all know the metaverse represents a colossal opportunity for brands and is transforming marketing, media and advertising.  But with all the clamour around the metaverse, it’s likely that many brands might end up banished to the dark parallel world of The Regretaverse, a place of virtual failure built on short-term planning, faddish overreactions.

Don’t misunderstand. We know the metaverse is a game-changer. We know marketers and brands need to respond. We know some brands are already knocking it out of the park.  But many aren’t. We need a lucid and sober view of the opportunity the metaverse presents.

This report is a tough-love how-to guide on how to do the metaverse properly, featuring straight-laced principles on how brands can make the best of the biggest change to the media landscape in decades. Within this we cover three principles and three resulting sets of actions:

  1. Be Definitive:  Why Brands Need To Define The Metaverse Properly
  2. Be Discerning: Why Brands Do It Wrong And How You Can Put That Right
  3. Be Durable: Why Brands Should Be In This For The Long Game

By following these rules, brands stand a better chance of inoculating themselves against the exaggeration that could ultimately give the metaverse a bad name.  Only a correctly defined, intelligently planned, and enduring metaverse strategy will propel brands to success, and ensure they avoid The Regretaverse.

Read the report here.

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