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For many marketers, the chief goal is the widest possible audience.

But, in 2019, more and more brands are learning that over-exposure is not a good look.

Excess ad delivery can actually create negative results. It’s a phenomenon that now has a name, and Anthony Koziarski, chief media officer at Omnicom Media Group’s PHD agency, is prepared to speak it.

“We believe in a phenomena called negative reach, he says in this recorded interview with Beet.TV. “There is a tipping point where over-saturation starts to create ill feeling towards brands.”

Koziarski is seeing that effect first-hand. “We’ve run a lot of analysis for clients,” he says. “(We have found) you have a significant amount of delivery really focused on a very, very small proportion of total households. That’s a big issue.”

So Koziarski is amongst the agency workers who are getting excited about digital media’s ability to buy ad campaigns with precision – not just spraying it wide, but actually limiting the places in which ads are seen, and the volume of ads that get shown to individual consumers.

“The ability to be able to have greater control and frequency management is really going to actually enable us to deliver better customer experience,” he says.

“So, from our perspective, the ability to be able to have greater visibility and control in terms of reach and frequency, not only within the VOD space but also across the full ecosystem, is something that which is incredibly enticing to us.”

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