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This excerpt is featured in an article originally published by Adweek.

If the transition from print and over-the-air broadcasts to digital has been challenging, that’s nothing compared to mobile…

One thing holding back monetization of mobile is the lack of a standard way to measure video consumption across multiple platforms, says Catherine Sullivan, president of U.S. investment for Omnicom Media Group.

OpenAP, introduced in 2017, is a collaborative effort from Fox, Turner and Viacom to create an independent way to measure cross-platform targeting. But adoption has been slow.

“Even if it has a lot of flaws, OpenAP is still a step in the right direction for creating a measurement system that is more like digital,” notes Sullivan. “But there’s still too much of a walled-garden mentality. I know our clients are getting more and more frustrated by all the talk and not enough action.”

The media landscape is likely to be in flux for a year or two before things settle down, says the Times’ Tomich.

“Honestly, I think everyone is still trying to figure out how we’re going to make enough money from this new world to be a sustainable business in the future,” he says. “I feel like the Times has made the jump, as well as a select number of competitors. But for the most part, it’s fairly chaotic.”

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