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Why Cannes Matters

By June 6, 2017October 4th, 2018Global News

What did bringing back Media Network of the Year mean to you?

Having been a very vocal opponent of the decision to eliminate the Media Network of the Year award in 2015 – and more specifically, the politics behind that decision –  I am delighted to see that the organization has restored this recognition for 2017.  In so doing, the Festival is acknowledging that today’s media agencies share the responsibility for brand storytelling, equally, with creative agencies, and their collective effort and impact is equally deserving of a global honor.

What are your thoughts on the festival itself and its importance for the media industry?

Cannes is the ultimate learning experience for our industry – a curation of the ideas and innovations, talent and visionaries, who are both defining and driving the art of brand storytelling. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, right brain or left brain, it’s impossible to come to Cannes and NOT see something that inspires you. The key is to turn that inspiration into action – and action into transactions – for our clients.

How does the perception and importance of the festival vary between markets?

In a world, and a time, where it seems that there is increasingly less common ground between countries, Cannes is one of the few things that can still bring a global community together to celebrate its shared achievements.

How has the festival changed over the years?

Well of course in the past decade media has become a more prominent player – and that along with the technology revolution has led to the increasing presence of digital media owners and publishers, and ad tech companies.  While that increases the learning opportunity I think the festival needs to maintain a balance between technology  and creativity.

What is the best part of going to Cannes?

It offers the quickest commuting between meetings in the world … by scooter!


Mainardo de Nardis

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