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This article was originally published by Business Insider.

Introducing this year’s rising stars of Madison Avenue.

These are early- and mid-career advertising professionals that are shaking things up at their companies and beyond, through everything from standout ads, campaigns that reach consumers in new ways, or data that helps their clients uncover new consumer insights.

Criteria and methodology

This is the third year Business Insider is recognizing rising talent in ad agencies across departments. (To see last year’s list, head here.)

We considered people from a variety of roles and backgrounds, including media and creative, strategy, and entertainment marketing. They come from traditional ad agencies as well as consulting companies like Deloitte Digital and IBM iX.

The list is based on agency and peer nominations, awards and campaigns they have won, the influence they’ve had on their companies — particularly in light of the pandemic and focus on racial equality — and the potential they have to be industry leaders.

Ben Hovaness, Managing Director of Marketplace Intelligence, Omnicom Media Group

Hovaness is helping brands take more control over their ads on social media platforms as the driver of Omnicom Media Group’s Council on Accountability in Social Advertising.

The initiative came in response to the Facebook advertiser boycott this past summer, and got more than 70 brands to endorse a set of advertiser rights. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snap, TikTok, and Reddit also agreed to steps to make their platforms more ad-friendly.

He’s also helped clients during the pandemic, advising them on how to take advantage of declining ad rates on social media platforms.

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