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No, Your Next CMO Won’t Be a Robot

With social distancing now prevalent across our daily lives, it has propelled our reliance on technology to new heights via automation, e-commerce, implementation of artificial intelligence, and adoption of machine…
June 14, 2020

Omni: the data platform to move forward

This interview was originally published by Communicate Middle East. In this video interview about data and measurement with our MENA CEO, Nadim Samara, and Annalect MENA's director-marketing solutions, Andreas Frangeskides,…
April 1, 2020

The Power Is in the Detail

This article was originally published by Communicate Middle East. Sonia John, Associate Director – Digital Transformation at Hearts & Science MENA When it comes to data, size doesn’t matter. It’s…
December 29, 2019

Lebanon, a digital dream?

Beirut has been gaining traction over the years in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship. Developments such as the Beirut Digital District are indicators of a newly emergent digital hub…
December 16, 2019